• Master of Public Administration (МРА)

      The goal of the program is to train effective and competent leaders for public authorities, public sector and business.

      The tuition fee is 520 000 rubles

      The duration of training is 24 months (18 months. for correspondence courses)

    Program Detailes

    • Doctor of Public Administration (DPA)

      Abiturients are managers with a substantial experience in solvation of practical problems. They are ready to step to the new level of system thinking and understanding of the public management processes

      Listeners have an opportunity to take 12 educational modules, in which significant state and political persons are expected to be lecturing

      Graduates will get the DPA degree after successful defence of the socially significant scientific project

    Program Detailes (Russian)
    • UTRO – MPA

      In Russian, “Utro” means “Morning”.
      In MPA language, UTRO means Management in Territorial Development.
      The program is a successor of “New leaders of territorial development” (2013 – 2016). To be launched in 2018.

      The tuition fee is 320 000 rubles

      The duration of training is 12 months

    Program Detailes (Russian)
    • MPA + MBA Project Management

      Upon completion of the master of public administration program, graduates receive training on the program “MBA project Management” with 20% discount from the cost of the MBA program. As a result, students acquire a unique competence, allowing them to successfully realize their career ambitions in any sphere of activity and to feel confident as a public servant and in business structures

    Program Detailes (Russian)
    • Master course + MPA

      As a result of training in the dual program Master’s degree + MPA students will  receive:

      • higher education and a master’s degree with a state diploma (the higher vocational education);
      • additional professional education qualification “Specialist in state and municipal management — Master of Public Administration (MPA)” with the MPA RANEPA diploma of the established sample.
    Program Detailes (Russian)

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