For Entrants

You can enroll on MPA program if you have:

  • higher education (of any specialty)
  • at least two years of state/municipal service’ experience
  • at least four years of work experience after graduation from a university/institute

Studying requires payment ***, and is conducted on a contractual basis by:

  • own students’ funds
  • funds of organizations that sent them for training

*** The price of studying — 520 000 rubles.

Students enrolling on Master of Public Administration (MPA) program should provide the following documents:

  • an application addressed to the rector (document is in Russian only) with a request for enrollment on “Specialist in state and municipal management -Master of Public Administration (MPA)” Program
  • if the studying is paid by a legal entity, applicants should provide a guarantee certified by the signatures of the director, the chief accountant and the official stamp of the organization
  • a document proving the identity, citizenship (a copy of 2nd and 3rd pages of the passport)
  • a state-recognized diploma proving an applicant’s graduation from a higher education institution, diploma’s supplements and their notarized copies (persons who received higher education abroad, including citizens of CIS member states, – a copy of the relevant diploma, as well as a copy of the certificate of equivalence). Information about the procedure for the nostrification of diplomas issued outside the Russian Federation you may find here (in Russian)
  • questionnaire for personnel records, certified by the signature of the head of the Personnel Department and stamp of the sending organization, with the obligatory indication of the post office index, home address and contact phones (office and home) and address for correspondence, OR the copy of the employment record book certified by the Personnel Department
  • 4 photos, 3×4 cm, black and white, on matte paper (without corner)
  • applicant’s card (document is in Russian only)

To be enrolled in the program you have to: